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B&W Beginners Evening



B&W Beginners Evening
Tuesday 5th & 12th July 2022 
6:00pm - 9:00pm
£80 / £65 concession

Tutor: Tiu Makkonen

Designed for absolute beginners, or for people wanting a thorough refresher, this course runs over two evenings and will take you through the manual settings of a 35mm film SLR camera, giving you complete control over exposure and an understanding of how aperture and shutter speed can be used to pre-visualise your photographs with creative effect.  It also covers how to load, shoot and hand process a B&W 35mm film. The perfect start for your analogue photography journey!

If you have a film SLR camera bring it along, if not let us know and we can supply one.  

Film and chemistry are supplied.

Course contents: Session One

35mm SLR Camera - How the Camera Works

· Shutter/ shutter speeds and their associated effects.

· Aperture and its effect on depth of field/ image style.

· Setting correct exposure using the light meter in the camera.

· Working with aperture and shutter speeds to achieve creative control over your photographs.

· Film ASA, different types of film sensitivity explained.

· Loading Film (36 exposure film provided)

· Taking photographs in the local area and some tips and techniques to improve your composition.

Course contents: Session Two

Processing your B&W film

· Introduction to film processing equipment and to the process room.

· Introduction to how to load & process films.

Tiu Makkonen is a fine art and freelance photographer originally from Finland who has been living and working in Scotland for over a decade. Tiu has exhibited her work in both group and solo shows and currently works as the Facility Assistant at Street Level Photoworks. More info here

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