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Off-Site Exhibition

A Window on Glasgow


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10th June - 23rd July |

CONSUL'ART, Marseille

This exhibition profiles aspects of Glasgow in 26 photographs covering styles of social documentary and portraiture to street and architectural photography, by several photographers who are associated with Street Level as artists and co-creators. The work portrays a unique profile of a city in constant transition - from the mid 70s, when half the city’s tenements were being demolished and the other half undergoing transformation and construction, to more recent depictions of people and place which convey the energy of change in the environment and in the diversity and demographics of its inhabitants. From a city recovering from the post-war deindustrialisation and depopulation, to one that has cohered around  community spirit, civic pride and a cultural resurgence in its art, music, theatre and writing, the exhibition aims to capture aspects of the social, cultural and political identify of Scotland’s largest city.

Includes: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert; Hugh Hood; Arpita Shah; Iseult Timmermans; Chris Leslie; Keith Ingham; Martin Hunter; Sarah Amy Fishlock, David Gillanders

This exhibition is part of the celebrations to mark 10 years of Friendship and Twinning between Glasgow and Marseille, supported by Glasgow City Council and the City of Marseille.

Consul'Art: 21, Cours d'Estienne d'Orves - 13001 Marseille

Banner Image: © Chris Leslie
Left Image: © Keith Ingham

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