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Glasgow Photobook Club

Glasgow Photobook Club #6
Paul Walton - Black Water 
Matteo Crawford - High Times of a Low Life
6.30pm Wednesday 13th July
Free and all welcome

We are very pleased to welcome the Glasgow Photobook Club back to the gallery for the first time since February 2020! So much has changed in the world since that time, however, artists have continued to work tirelessly on self-published books & zines throughout the lockdown period. It is fitting then that the return edition of Glasgow Photobook Club serves as a launch event for Black Water, a new set of publications by Paul Walton. We will also be joined by Matteo Crawford who will discuss his recently self-published photobook High Times of a Low Life.

Paul Walton is an ecologist from Glasgow and a long-time member of Street Level's production facilities. Black Water centres on the shifting relationships with each other, the land, other species, and with the Atlantic, during a period of environmental upheaval.

Black Water is pair of zines focused on a small unremarkable pool, and a small unremarkable stream. Both are in the west Highlands, and both are in ecologically degraded landscapes. Despite this, these waters retain a charge, an undercurrent that speaks beyond the present. - Paul Walton

Matteo Crawford is co-founder and director of Filtr Collective, an exhibition trail using the wall space offered by cafes in Edinburgh, and Agitate, a new multi-use space for photography based in Haymarket, Edinburgh.

High Times of a Low Life 
features photographs made on a road trip from Canada to Mexico and back between November 2019 - January 2020, and was self-published in September 2021.

Banner Image: © Paul Walton
Left Image: © Matteo Crawford

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