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La Nuit de l’Instant

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La Nuit de l’Instant
Thurs 26th April 2018, 6-10pm

La Nuit de l’Instant (Night of the Instant) is a collaboration between Street Level Photoworks and Centre Photographique Marseille and is a projection-based event celebrating the still and the moving image in joyful and compelling ways. The works will mark Glasgow’s links with its twin-town of Marseille with new works by Camille Fallet, Valentine Vermeil and Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte produced from exchange residencies between the two cities, alongside works selected by Erick Gudimard/CPM from Marie Chéné and Didier Nadeau, Sylvia Donis, Flavie Pinatel, Valérie Horwitz and Lisa Lucciardi. The works will be showcased across four different locations concentrated around Street Level - Britannia Panopticon, Gallery 103, Avant Garde Function Room and Street Level’s studio. The theme is that of 'Love Letters'.

Short projection works selected by Street Level Photoworks from artists in Northern European countries will also be shown in the main screening venue Brittania Panopticon and include Taavi Talve, Marge Monko (Estonia), Mari Hokkanen (Finland), Julija Goyd (Lithuania), and Ieva Balode (Latvia).

Programme Schedule

6pm. Britannia Panopticon Music Hall (113-117 Trongate, next to Trongate 103 up New Wynd alley)

Ieva Balode (Latvia), ‘Equal Tense’, 6 mins 50 sec; Marge Monko (Estonia), “Dear D”, 2015, 8 min 10 sec; Julija Goyd (Lithuania), ‘Decadentia’, 5.05; Taavi Talve (Estonia), 'Blind Spot', 2016, 12 min; Mari Hokkanen (Finland), ‘Shame’ 10 minutes

10 minutes break

7pm-7.15pm Britannia Panopticon Music Hall

Short discussion with the exchange residency artists Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte, Valentine Vermeil, and Camille Fallet. 

Projection Programme resumes

Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte (Scotland/Lithuania), ‘The Cradle’, 7 mins 50 secs - World premiere!

Valentine Vermeil (Marseille), ‘The Garden’ 8 mins - World premiere!

Lisa Lucciardi (Marseille), ‘Do You Think’, 14 mins

Flavie Pinatel (Marseille), ‘Song Next Door’ 26 minutes

From 8pm the work produced on the residencies and the other programme from Marseille will be repeated until 10pm.

6pm – 10pm TRONGATE 103 Foyer

Camille Fallet  (Marseille), ‘Glasgow in Row’. Three screen video installation

6pm-10pm AVANT GARDE Function Suite, Parnie Street

Marie Chéné and Didier Nadeau (Marseille), 'Nous tournons en rond dans la nuit’11 mins 32 secs. Looped projection work

Valérie Horwitz (Marseille), ‘5 Years (An Interval)’ 4 mins 4 secs. Looped projection work

Please note that the above works may be played in rotation, one hour each at 6pm and conclude at 10pm.


Sylvia Donis (Marseille), ‘Who is Watching Me’. Video Installation

Programmed as part of Glasgow International 2018 'Across the City'.

Part of the ongoing Twinning between Glasgow and Marseille, supported by Glasgow City Council and La Ville de Marseille, l'Institut Français and MP 2018 season 'Quel Amour’/ 'Love Letters'.

Thanks to the Embassy of Estonia in London and ISSP Latvia. 

On May 11th, a number of Scottish artists chosen by Street Level will be included in La Nuit de l'Instant, organised by Centre Photographique Marseille, in Marseille as part of the Spring of Contemporary Art (Printemps de l'Art Contemporain), coordinated by Marseille Expos network.

Banner Image: © Valentine Vermeil (film still)
Left Image: © Camille Fallet (installation view)


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