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Image of K is for Kato (Book) by Margaret Salmon

K is for Kato (Book)

By Margaret Salmon


This new softcover book has been published in collaboration with artist Margaret Salmon, following on from her solo exhibition Hole at Dundee Contemporary Arts during the winter of 2018–2019. It takes the form of a visual journey through the Esperanto alphabet, where each letter and connected word is accompanied by a corresponding black and white 10x8 format photograph taken by the artist.

This photographic series builds throughout the publication to form a beautiful and intimate document of the people, animals, plants and objects that Salmon has come into contact with throughout the winter of 2019–2020.

The book also contains a letter to the reader written by the artist, expressing a longstanding fascination with different acts of looking and reading, and hinting at the transformative powers of unique linguistic constructions like the Esperanto language.

K is for Kato is intended for readers of any age, and contains a helpful letter/sound index to aid the understanding and pronunciation of each word.

Softcover, 64 pages
25.4 x 20.5cm

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