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Image of LEARNING from LICHENS (Book) by Sandy Wotton


By Sandy Wotton

 Sandy Wotton is a photographer based in Glasgow. Her project LEARNING from LICHENS is on show as part of the Street Level Open 2022

This spring, enjoying a long-overdue holiday on Mull, I observed the many and diverse species of lichen, thriving there. I have a long-held interest in lichens, their lives lived in the slow lane, surviving against the odds in extreme environments and climatic conditions. Already, in a reflective mood with all that has happened in the last two years around the pandemic, the urgency of the climate crisis and now an ongoing war in Ukraine, I wondered if we humans could learn a thing or two from the symbiotic, ever evolving, adapting and resilient lichens. - Sandy Wotton

Handmade Artist Book, 18 x 18cm

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