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Image of Show Days No Show Days (Book) by Bob Hardy

Show Days No Show Days (Book)

By Bob Hardy



Show Days No Show Days is a visual exploration of the quiet moments that intercede soundchecks and the live performances that follow them during an otherwise hectic tour timeline. Bob is a founding member of the band Franz Ferdinand, but initially trained in the Glasgow School of Art’s Fine Art Department – an unrealised, fledgling photographic talent.

While on tour with his band Franz Ferdinand, Bob started to photograph his surroundings from hotel room balconies to the backstage, neon signage aglow, tools downed, staff on break: the silence is palpable. The work is shot in the style of Neue Sachlichkeit – New Objectivity, more akin to documentary, it keenly focuses in on the liminal spaces between the action, a meditative moment, and one we can all keenly feel in the post-pandemic era.

Softcover, 40 pages
23.5 x 30cm

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