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Online Event

In Focus: Christina Webber/Jack Low and Arthur Montgomery

In Focus: Christina Webber/Jack Low
& Arthur Montgomery

6.30pm Thursday 4th March
Livestreamed through Facebook*

Created during the coronavirus lockdown, this is a collaborative project between Christina Webber and Jack Low. All images were taken on respective 'night walks' during allotted daily exercise when the streets were at their emptiest. These images were then posted to Instagram under the shared hashtag #nightwalkzine. In this presentation, they will share some of these. Of the project, they write: ‘in lieu of regular routine, these small nocturnal ventures gave us space, and allowed us to clear our heads. We now have a gallery of over 250 images from which Instagram users are able to curate and share their own unique sequence, and order a physical copy of their one-of-a-kind 'night walk'. During the lockdown and associated social distancing measures, this was a valuable way to utilise and bridge digital spaces, fostering a sense of tangible 'togetherness' in the exchange of printed pictures.’

Christina studied Photography & Film at Edinburgh Napier University and lives in Edinburgh. She is co-founder of Fresh Focus, a peer-led critique group (based at Stills, Edinburgh), and she also recently launched Finding Focus, a series of authentic conversations seeking to 'demystify' the creative industries. She is currently working as Communications Officer for the Royal Society of Edinburgh's Post-Covid Commission alongside freelance work as a Visual Artist, Digital Content Producer and Tutor as part of the Stills School. 

Jack is a Glasgow based photographer, who also graduated from the Photography and Film programme at Edinburgh Napier University. He has recently completed an exchange studying at the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. 

After the Last
This project by Arthur Montgomery builds on an ongoing exploration of the environmental damage of our consumption-driven society and industrial processes, and it combines two of his other projects, Aggregate and Bleak Horizons. The aim is to hint at a time when humanity has disappeared. Industry has done it's damage, it no longer has a purpose and is fading out of importance. A sparseness of foliage suggests some climate damage and nature is currently in a state of reclamation and is at the early stages of 'Primary Succession', interleaved with, somewhat, archival images taken before the extinction event.

Arthur graduated from Edinburgh College with a BA in Professional Photography. He was one of the ‘Highly Commended’ applicants in the Jill Todd Photography Award in 2016, was a participant in the mentored programme New Photographers Guild in 2017, and exhibited in ‘Elbow Room’ in 2018.

Banner Image:© Christina Webber
Left Image: © Arthur Montgomery
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