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Multiple Proof


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Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie
24th March - 19th April 

Artist Talks: Saturday 7th April, 2.30pm
Free, all welcome to attend.

This exhibition includes work by 6 artists/image-makers embracing a diversity of approaches to the photographic image, in terms of techniques and themes. The photograph as document and as art form - from street photography using the iPhone, cameraless image-making, landscape and still life - themes embraced include new topographies, the search or yearning for home, as well as insights into the everyday, both the extraordinary and the banal. All of the work celebrates, to some degree, the technical and material properties of photography. 

Exhibition includes Paul Walton, Zoe Hamill, Colin Templeton, Natalia Poniatowska, Alex Burch and Geneva Sills. All of these image-makers are connected through their work to Street Level’s facilities, either through making the work there or in having had a platform for their practice.

Banner Image: © Colin Templeton
Left Image: © Zoe Hamill

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