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Round Table: April

Gina Lundy - Round Table
Street Level, Tuesday April 24th:  7-9pm

‘Round Table’ is a peer led event for photographers and artists using the medium who are looking to connect with other practitioners in their field and share feedback on new work in progress. It is an opportunity for peer socialising across a diverse range of practices from people at different levels of career including; recent graduates, mid career and more established guest participants. The evening will be part work talk and part social meet up.

The idea is to show work in progress, so it doesn't need to be a completed project. Contact sheets, book mock ups, prints, photocopies, sketches, maps, text, audio, video, ideas for presentation/exhibition, group collaborations - all welcome*. Those with work to present, please come to the gallery at 6.45pm to set up, everyone else, please come for 7pm. We'll aim to get started asap, finishing around 8.30/8.45pm then drinks at Mono from 9pm. 

Please let Gina know in advance any of your presentation requirements so we can ensure we have the right kit available.

For more information or to get in touch with Gina, visit the Facebook Event

Images: Documentation from a previous Round Table in October 2017.

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