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Image of Fotografika - Lektuveliai/ Photographics - Little Planes by Domicele Tarabildiene

Fotografika - Lektuveliai/ Photographics - Little Planes

By Domicele Tarabildiene
Type of Print:
Inkjet Print

Paper Type:
Epson Premium Lustre

Date of Publication:

Domicele Tarabildiene (1912-1985) was a well known interwar artist in her naive Lithuania, whose spectrum of creative means and expression was wide - engraving, book illustration and applied graphics, painting and sculpture. 

Her photographic work has been brought to public attention only in the past few years.

This piece dates from the early 1930's and is a digital print from the original scan of the photograph for which Tarabildiene constructed a set into which she's staged herself using the photomontage technique.