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Image of Miss by Tine Bek


By Tine Bek
Type of Print:
Archival Giclee Print

Paper Type:
Hahnemule Photorag

Date of Publication:

Ambit is a joint exhibition between Street Level Photoworks and Stills, Edinburgh embracing some of the current tendencies and innovative talent from the art photography sector in Scotland. We are pleased to offer the opportunity to invest some of the most exciting and individual photographers working in Scotland today.

Tine Bek is a Danish born Glasgow based artist who has exhibited internationally, including solo shows in Argentina, Norway, USA and UK. Her work incorporates photography, installation and moving image. Her series Barok draws upon desire, pleasure and in an ever-growing body of work, which turns and changes the viewer’s perception in an unexpected way. Each of the photographs acts as individual pieces, however as a whole, they are an explosion of decorative decadence, richness of colour, materiality and form.

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