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Image of Kentucky Waterfalls (Zine) by Craig Gibson

Kentucky Waterfalls (Zine)

By Craig Gibson


Kentucky Waterfalls was shot at Mulletfest, 2020. A three day mullet festival held at The Chelmsford Hotel in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales, Australia. The town itself was hit hard by the downfall of the coal mining industry in the early 1960’s and has since struggled to recover. Now with Mulletfest in it’s third year running, the town welcomes people from all over the world to participate and spectate in the celebration of the polarizing haircut. The festival is high energy and loud; fitting the self-identified stereotypes of bogan culture. These images are of some quieter moments.

Craig Gibson is a portrait and documentary photographer originally from Glasgow, Scotland. 

Softcover, 96 pages

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